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Nuxify is a Development-as-a-Service (DaaS) software company focused on web3 technologies and applications. We provide services including decentralized apps (dApps) development, web and API development, cross-platform mobile development, and smart contracts development. We are behind Metapad, a decentralized smart contracts launchpad and verification platform.

Established with product maintainability as its core, Nuxify builds highly-scalable, maintainable, and well-architected products that suits the client requirements as well as providing them a solution that lasts long.

The softwares we develop are built with a sense of ownership - as if we’re the ones going to use it. This mindset ensures consistent top-level output: tech and design-wise. Thus, writing software like it's ours.

— Company


We aspire to be a world-class startup enabler, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs in materializing their ideas in order to convert them as innovative market leaders.

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Nuxify is on a mission to help 50 startups get a headstart in providing quality solutions to their customers through software and hardware development.

— Team

Meet the Nuxilytes

These passionate people is what Nuxify was all about. Growth. Friendship. Burning Passion.

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Engr. Karl Anthony Baluyot
Founder and CEO
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Monicar Gayo
Co-founder and CFO
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Joses Gabriel Lu
Co-founder and COO
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Dan Vincent Arangurin
Engineering / Founding Member
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Andrei Dan Stangaciu
Blockchain Expert
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Joseph Cedeño
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Lira Valderama
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