Writing Software Like It's Ours

We treat your software as our own with love. We are a team of startups-loving individuals ready to back you up throughout your digital journey.

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What we are capable of

Web3 and Blockchain Development

Join the blockchain revolution. Creating and launching your next web3 apps shouldn't be that hard. Be a pioneer of the future of the web.

Web and API Development

Equip your software with well-engineered architectures, design patterns, and adherence to standards and conventions for easy scaling.

Mobile Development

Ship your mobile app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store instantly under one codebase. We build beautiful and performant cross-platform mobile apps.

UI/UX Design

Craft your software with simple, precise, and beautiful user interfaces partnered with well-crafted user experience and bring it to the next level.

Cloud and DevOps

Scale your platform with the power of cloud computing and DevOps. Deploy once and access it wherever, whenever.


Reach us. We are nice people. With years of experience both in academe (theory) and industry (practice), we can guide and set you up as you take your digital adventure towards innovation.

I wonder how, I wonder

Why Nuxify?

We are a cockroach startup

Cockroaches are known to survive in extreme conditions. So we are. We are dependent on what you think about our products or services. We serve no master except you - our clients and consumers.

Built for startups and enterprises

With our commitment to be a startup-enabler and solution game changer, we are formed to support visionary startups. Experience enterprise-level outputs that are ready to solve real problems.
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Maintainability at its heart

Write once, scale it massively. Quality along with quantity. We write well-thought architectures and patterns ready to handle the number of users in your mind.

Sense of ownership

We write software like it's ours. We are committed to your vision. Your success is our success. We act professionally with disclosures, agreements, and understandings.

Transparency and communication

You own your platform entirely. We are good in terms of language barriers. We collaborate because we are writing together.

Right culture

Passion + Hardwork + (a little bit of timing and luck) = Excellence. We are a flat organization.
Modern tools for modern solutions
We invest heavily in Research and Development (R&D) to evaluate and adopt state-of-the-art technologies that may improve our products and services.
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Supercharge your digital journey with us. Let's get that idea out of your head.

Accelerate your Future. Now.

Let's Write Together
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