Cloud and DevOps

Scale your platform with the power of cloud computing and DevOps. Deploy once and access it wherever, whenever.

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Cloud and DevOps

Why build cloud-based deployments and devops pipelines with Nuxify?

Cloud-based deployments and DevOps pipelines are essential for modern software development and delivery, as they enable scalability, reliability, security, cost-efficiency, automation, collaboration, feedback, and quality assurance. By using cloud platforms and DevOps pipelines, developers can focus on their core business logic, and deliver software products that meet the customer's needs and expectations in a fast and reliable manner.


End-to-End CI/CD pipeline

We automate the building, testing, and deploying of code changes from the source repository to the production environment, following the best practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery.


Experience in IaaS and PaaS

We have practical experience from designing, running, and maintaining bare metal server networks up to IaaS cloud and PaaS cloud-based platforms.


Anti vendor lock-in approach

We heavily used Docker containers for progressive deployments which gives the ability to switch from one cloud provider to another at any time.


Experience with most cloud providers

We almost touched all cloud providers out there from AWS, GCP, Azure down to DO, Contabo, Linode, HostHatch, etc.

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