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We engineer progressive web apps and APIs that will scale with you.

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Web Apps and API Development

Why build web apps and APIs with Nuxify?

Web apps are applications that run on web browsers and the best software to launch your next projects. APIs are interfaces that allow web apps to communicate with other web apps or servers and access data and services.


Progressive design architecture

We carefully design our web apps and APIs to be scalable, maintainable and avoid overengineering. The platforms are built (depending on requirements) from modular monolith all the way to microservices as the project scales.


Domain-driven design

We use DDD to break complex systems to simpler ones and apply clean coding principles and design patterns around it. It is like you are with us when we write code, having common understandings about the domain itself.


Modern and fast toolings

We use modern JavaScript frameworks (with TypeScript preference) like NuxtJS and Svelte. We use Go for almost all of our backend and scripts. We also choose the appropriate database according to requirements as well as API protocols (REST, gRPC, etc.)


DevOps ready

Automated testing and continuous delivery are heavily integrated to the workflow for painless integrations and deployments.

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