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Ship your mobile app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store instantly under one codebase. We build beautiful and performant cross-platform mobile apps.

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Mobile Development

Why build mobile apps with Nuxify?

Mobile applications are the best software in terms of accessibility and increasing user retention. They are easily accessible to smartphones, tablets, embedded devices and are becoming common and almost available to any person in the world.


Cross-platform support

We build using Flutter – an open-source cross-platform mobile development platform from Google. Write once and deploy to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Progressive design architecture

We carefully design our mobile apps to be scalable, maintainable and avoid overengineering. The platforms are built from modular monolith all the way to becoming a superapp if required.


Blazing fast with near native performance

Behind Flutter is Dart, a fast programming language that supports ahead-of-time (AOT) and just-in-time (JIT) compilation. Flutter also uses its own rendering engine which provides smooth animations and transitions way better vs alternatives.

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