dApps and Blockchain Development

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dApps and Blockchain Development

Why build dApps and blockchain with Nuxify?

Decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain powers the decentralized web. We specialize in smart contracts development and finding the right blockchain for your use case.


Real experience with smart contracts

Since 2020, we have been writing Solidity smart contracts ranging from NFTs to staking, deFi pools and project-specific ones.


Full-service development

Writing smart contracts is just one step. We also cater dApps development (mobile and web), contract API indexers and listeners, blockchain explorers and even building a private / permissioned / public chain appropriate for your appropriate use case.


Battle-tested and concurrent toolings

We are heavily invested in the Ethereum ecosystem and toolings and we use Solidity for smart contract development and Go for concurrent APIs. It means we can build on top of any EVM-compatible chain, be it a private / permissioned / public chain and be performant at the same time.


Blockchain for good mission

We don't just live the hype around blockchain, we design systems that are appropriate with blockchain technology. We will be the first one to recommend and give technical justifications to you if your project really needs blockchain or not.

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